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Stan Pe Films is all about a passion to create captivating videos that celebrate people’s life experiences. Whether it’s remembering a wedding day, announcing a wedding date, commemorating the journey of a company or creating a commercial to display a vision, we are inspired by our clients. By “we”, we mean Stan and Jeana Pe, and a few friends.

Stan’s love for cinematography began at an early age. Then, he and Jeana got married and started travelling around the world in 2009. Stan was the typical tourist with his camera that slowed down Jeana’s action packed agendas. After a trip to Portugal and Spain with some friends, Stan edited a vacation video that changed Jeana’s heart and inspired Stan Pe Films. From that point on, there hasn’t been enough research, workshops, or conferences that could satisfy Stan’s desire to grow his cinematography skills.

After years in the business, Stan still pushes the bounds and trends to give his clients the best with modern editing, drones, Same Day Edits, etc. But it’s not just about the best final videos, it’s about the best experience all around. From emails, client meetings, day-of presence, vendor interactions, and post production, the desire for the client’s comfort and enjoyment are priority.